Once an Addict, Now an Author

Rebecca’s incredible journey: from addiction’s grip to a purpose-driven life of hope and recovery. Her story, a beacon of transformation, inspires others to find their path to healing.

Brad Bentley’s Road to Recovery

Man leaning over a railing

Now a near-celebrity on the campus of Springfield’s Crown Recovery Center, Pike County native Brad Bentley reflects on his life, addiction, and the choices that help him make every day his Day One.

Kentucky’s Capacity for Substance Use Disorder Treatment Surpasses the Nation

Kentucky has faced significant challenges in combating substance use disorder (SUD) over the past quarter century. However, a new study released sheds light on the significant steps being taken across the state to improve long-term outcomes.  According to the report by researchers at the East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Center for Rural Research, Kentucky stands […]

Back Where It Started, Recovery Rekindles Old Relationships

Article originally appeared in the Winter 2024 issue of Living Recovery. To view the full magazine, click here. In the quiet town of Clintwood, Virginia, time seems to stand still. Two decades ago, its tranquil streets witnessed the beginning of a tumultuous journey for so many, including Mia Stanley. Her addiction started innocently enough: a casual […]

Introducing Sam: From the Halls of Jail to College Graduate

Article originally appeared in the Winter 2024 issue of Living Recovery. To view the full magazine, click here. Reflecting on the past can be both euphoric and heartbreaking. As Samantha Dowden sat among her peers, waiting for her name to echo through the Lindsey Wilson College auditorium, a wave of emotions cascaded over her.  Each […]

Pat Fogarty’s Role to Expand with ARC Healthcare

As part of their ongoing efforts to help Kentuckians impacted by substance use and mental health disease, Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) today announced that Pat Fogarty – Chief Operating Officer, ARC Healthcare – will expand his role to serve as the General Manager of Behavioral Health for ARC Healthcare. Fogarty will focus on hospital operations […]