ARC East Region COO Amanda Hall honored as “Trailblazer” during Empathy Day at Kentucky Capitol Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) East Region Chief Operations Officer Amanda Hall shared the spotlight with other addiction treatment and justice reform leaders on Tuesday during the annual Empathy Day held at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort.  Hall took home the Trailblazer Award. The award was presented by Representative Kim Moser, who represents the […]

Geoff Marietta Takes the Helm as President of ARC’s Enterprise Division

Picture of Geoff Marietta

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) proudly announces the appointment of Geoff Marietta as president of its Enterprise Division. In his new role, Marietta will lead a dynamic network of small businesses integral to job training and career pathways for ARC’s clients.  “With a rich background in entrepreneurship, education, and community development, Geoff brings a wealth of […]

ARC Launches Culinary Arts Program in Inez

The beloved Shufflin’ Cafe is getting a new name, Masterpiece Kitchen and Cafe, and will remain open to the public at the same location. The community staple is also transforming into a hub of opportunity for women at White Oak Hill. Previously known as Miss Ida’s Tea Room, the restaurant opened its doors in 1998 […]

Introducing Sam: From the Halls of Jail to College Graduate

Article originally appeared in the Winter 2024 issue of Living Recovery. To view the full magazine, click here. Reflecting on the past can be both euphoric and heartbreaking. As Samantha Dowden sat among her peers, waiting for her name to echo through the Lindsey Wilson College auditorium, a wave of emotions cascaded over her.  Each […]

What to do when an overdose spike hits your community

In times of heightened overdose cases, it becomes crucial for families to actively check on their loved ones battling addiction. The opioid epidemic and the introduction of Fentanyl and Xylazine have exacerbated the risk of overdoses, making it imperative to maintain open lines of communication and offer support to those in need. First, awareness is […]

Addiction Recovery Care Announces Name of Women’s Treatment Facility

In Southwest Virginia, communities have been hit disproportionately hard by the addiction crisis – something that has only worsened amid an alarming rise in fentanyl and synthetic opioids in the drug supply. Fortunately, life-saving, life-changing help and resources are on the horizon. Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), a leading provider of addiction treatment and recovery services […]

Tips for a safe and sober Super Bowl Sunday

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, many people may wonder how to enjoy the big game between the Chiefs and 49ers in a safe, sober, and fun environment. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.  Remember, on nights like the Super Bowl, we are together to enjoy those around us. Keep things simple. There’s no need to […]

How I ended my 20-year battle with addiction

Addiction is one of the most difficult things a family can face. It can strain even the closest relationships. However, as Chris Whitenack’s story shows us, “there is a life outside of drugs and alcohol.” Chris Whitenack spent approximately 20 years in addiction before entering recovery. At just 16, Chris faced a harrowing battle with […]

Addiction Recovery Care to Assist Ashland Shelter

As Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) grows its footprint as a healthcare ministry, the organization is partnering with Shelter of Hope in Ashland to help those experiencing houselessness. According to the Daily Independent, Shelter of Hope announced it was temporarily ceasing services just after the New Year. Shelter of Hope board members told the paper, “the […]

How Support Can Help You Overcome Addiction

Addiction impacts millions of people worldwide. For those on the path to recovery, support fromothers is critical. Experts at Addiction Recovery Care, a leading provider of treatment services inKentucky, say that while professional treatment is important, peer support is another aspect ofrecovery that can be just as crucial to transforming lives. Peers have been through […]