Recovery Reads

This article was originally published in the Summer 2024 issue of Living Recovery. To view the full issue, click here.

Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction
Written by Judith Grisel

Judith Grisel, once a drug user and dropout, now a neuroscientist, shares insights from her journey and research in “Never Enough.” She reveals the toll of regular drug use on the brain and explores the appeal of various substances. With over one in five affected by addiction globally, Grisel delves into its neurological roots and advocates for community-based solutions.

View Judith’s TED Talk here:

Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction
Written by Elizabeth Vargas

“Between Breaths” chronicles Elizabeth Vargas’ journey from admitting her alcoholism on national television to her ongoing recovery. She reflects on her childhood anxiety, triggered by her father’s service in Vietnam, and how it led her to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Vargas candidly discusses her denial about her addiction and the challenges of maintaining sobriety while balancing a career and motherhood. The book offers hope and honesty, earning recognition and praise as an inspiring read.