ARC’s Lawrence Vinson to focus on healthcare compliance and quality in expanded role

As part of their ongoing commitment to compliance and quality care for Kentuckians impacted by substance use disorder, Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) today announced that its Chief of Staff and Chief Quality Officer, Lawrence Vinson, will extend his role to serve also as Chief Compliance Officer.

While continuing to ensure maximum quality of care — including clinical effectiveness, patient outcomes and overall patient experience — Vinson will now also be responsible for ensuring that ARC and its approximately 1,300 team members adhere to industry compliance standards in every aspect of its operations.

“I am honored that Addiction Recovery Care and its incredible staff, administration, and clients continue to trust me to provide leadership and guidance as to the best way to serve our  communities,” said Vinson. “I’m proud and humbled to see all of the progress we’ve already achieved in my tenure at ARC, and I’m eager to discover what new milestones we can accomplish together as an organization as I expand into this new role.”

Prior to joining ARC in 2019, Vinson served for four years as the Chief Quality Officer at Three Rivers Medical Center in Lawrence County, focusing on quality management and regulatory compliance. In addition, his tenure at TRMC included working as the Quality Coordinator/Data Abstractor and as a Registered Nurse.

Vinson’s extensive experience in the field of quality management and regulatory compliance, as well as his background in healthcare and nursing, perfectly equips him with the skills he needs to remain hyper-focused on ARC’s commitment to compliance and quality — making him the ideal individual to step into this new role.

“We could not be happier to have Lawrence as a member of our team,” said Tim Robinson, ARC founder and CEO. “With his unwavering commitment to serving our clients, his professional expertise, and his ability to consistently uphold the standards of compliance and quality care in our industry, he helps make it possible for everyone at ARC to do their best work.”

“I have no doubt that Lawrence will continue to thrive in taking on this additional challenge,” added Matt Brown, ARC Chief Administration Officer and President of ARC Healthcare. “His dedication and professionalism will help ensure we provide high-quality, consistent treatment to Kentuckians struggling with behavioral health conditions and substance use disorder.”