Addiction Recovery Care Accepting Ohio Medicaid Insurance

Addiction Recovery Care, a renowned name in the field of addiction treatment, has recently made significant strides in expanding its services beyond Kentucky and is now accepting Ohio Medicaid. In an exclusive conversation with the Director of Client Access Ohio, Jeremy Brown, we uncover the exciting developments that can potentially change hundreds of thousands of lives.

Breaking Down Dissolving Geographical Barriers

Traditionally, many people associated Addiction Recovery Care exclusively with Kentucky. However, as Jeremy Brown reveals, the organization has broadened its horizons and can now accept CareSource and United Optum insurance plans. This is a game-changer for the many individuals in Ohio who need substance use disorder treatment to lead healthier lives.

Expanding Accessibility

With ARC now accepting Ohio Medicaid plans, Ohio residents can now cross the river into Kentucky to receive vital services for substance use disorder treatment. This move is a beacon of hope for those who have been struggling with addiction and searching for accessible, high-quality, evidence-based treatment close to home.

A Simple Process

To access Addiction Recovery Care’s services, all one needs to do is get in contact with Jeremy Brown or their intake team by calling 606-268-6743. The ease of this process eliminates barriers that might have previously hindered individuals from seeking treatment.

To learn more about Addiction Recovery Care’s expansion into Ohio, you can visit