ARC in discussions to locate a new campus in the former Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital property

What is Addiction Recovery Care?

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) is headquartered in Louisa, Kentucky and operates a network of over 30 addiction treatment centers in Eastern and Central Kentucky. Our organization offers a full continuum of care. Our mission is to create opportunities for people to discover hope and live their God-given destiny.

What services does Addiction Recovery Care offer?

ARC operates a network of over 30 addiction treatment centers in 20 Eastern and Central Kentucky counties, offering a full continuum of addiction recovery care including detox, residential, transitional, intensive outpatient, outpatient, medically assisted treatment (MAT), vocational rehabilitation, and job training. We take a holistic, person-centered approach to treatment and recovery utilizing CARF-accredited clinical programs, medical services directed by an addictionologist, a broadening scope of vocational training opportunities that position clients for long-term success, and a spiritual emphasis that includes the 12 steps and chaplaincy care.

As a leading provider of substance abuse treatment, ARC welcomes all individuals who are ready to seek treatment. Clients in our inpatient programs stay onsite with us for up to one year.

What is Addiction Recovery Care’s model?

ARC’s Roadmap to Recovery is a phased program focused on meeting the unique needs of individuals in recovery from substance use disorders and struggling with other mental/behavioral health challenges.

What experience does Addiction Recovery Care have in Kentucky?

Addiction Recovery Care has been providing comprehensive addiction recovery services in Kentucky since 2010. Today, we serve approximately 1,500 individuals across 30 locations in Eastern and Central Kentucky. ARC has received national recognition for its Crisis to Career model of care that values long-term outcomes over short-term results.

Is Addiction Recovery Care opening a location in Greenup County?

We are currently in talks with local officials and the owners of the former Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital in the City of Russell with the intention of leasing the property and converting it for use as a comprehensive recovery care facility, staffed 24/7 to serve those in need throughout the region.

Have you discussed this initiative with local leaders?

We take our role as a community partner very seriously and value the input and feedback of people living in the communities we serve. We are working closely with local officials, healthcare providers, and community leaders and will continue to do so as our plans for the new facility move forward.

How many local jobs would the Ashland campus create?

ARC employs more than 700 people today and estimates another 250 jobs would be created to operate and support the Russell/Greenup County facility. Job categories would include nursing staff, counseling and therapy, targeted case managers, peer support specialist, office management, billing, finance, admissions, security staff, transportation, janitorial, maintenance, and health care administration leadership.

What makes Addiction Recovery Care different from other treatment facilities?

ARC is proud of its holistic, person-centered model of care, which combines comprehensive, onsite treatment and recovery services with job/vocational training to give individuals the very best chance at long-term recovery. At the Russell/Greenup County facility, we plan to implement the same, nationally recognized “Crisis to Career” model we’re utilizing right now at our Crown Recovery Center at the former St. Catharine’s College campus in Springfield, Kentucky.

The ARC model is not just about going to meetings, checking boxes and sending people on their way. Our approach addresses the around-the-clock needs of people experiencing substance use disorders, such as withdrawal management, counseling, peer support, relapse prevention, and a place to stay. As people progress in their recovery journeys, their schedules include things like life skills, job training, case management, and other things to help prepare them for life after graduating from ARC. ARC’s program is highly structured and staffed 24/7 and clients remain on campus.

What benefit will this new facility add to the community in Russell?

Eastern Kentucky has been significantly impacted by the addiction crisis, and we know that substance use and mental health needs have been on the rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With the opening of this potential location in Russell, ARC will be able to help even more individuals overcome addiction, address mental/behavioral health needs and reach long-term recovery.

Our care model, which offers a full continuum of treatment and recovery services, has been highly effective across the state, and we hope to replicate this success in Russell, Ashland, and the surrounding communities. Furthermore, the new facility is expected to create 250-300 new local jobs, including nursing staff, counseling and therapy, office management, billing, finance, admissions, security staff, transportation, janitorial, maintenance, and health care administration leadership.

Where can I learn more about ARC?

For more information about ARC, we encourage you to look at our 2020 year-end report.

Addiction Recovery Care, LLC (ARC) operates a network of state-licensed residential and outpatient drug & alcohol abuse treatment centers in Kentucky.