Clinton Jay Perkins’ Story; New Year, New You

How many years were you in active addiction?

26 years.

Please share a short testimony of your life from addiction to recovery. 

I was lost and had no one to turn to. I burnt all my bridges. I was in and out of jail all the time and the last time I went I was sitting in my cell asking God to do something with my life, and he came to me in a dream while I was in jail telling me I have a purpose. So I made bail and came to treatment and that’s where I learned to love myself again and learned to love others and since then I have gotten full custody of my son and I’m a tax-paying citizen full-time employee for ARC.

Describe your “Aha” moment when on your journey to recovery. 

My aha moment came to me in a jail cell at johnson county regional detention center. That’s when I had enough of being so selfish and self-centered.

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