Rescuing Thousands, One Life at a Time

As ARC moves into a new season filled with opportunity, our mission is just as important as ever. As we here at ARC continue treating thousands, we want to make sure that we remain anchored on who we are, the individuals that we are currently treating, and the God that is leading the way.
He is leading us here at ARC as we begin Rescuing Thousands, One Life at a Time. We see this every day as our employees jump into action to help the one that is coming in off the street, ready to start a new life in recovery, with our staff being quick to meet any need they may have. 
Their hard work has built the foundation of this organization that is helping thousands across Kentucky and beyond. We are referring to this new season in ARC’s history as Rescuing Thousands, One Life at a Time. We are using this season to focus on each individual’s recovery, opportunity, physical health, emotional health, and spirituality. 
-Tim Robinson, ARC’s Founder and CEO.