God’s grace provides a rehab bed for Megan and her baby

My name is Megan McGlothen.

In 2011 I was beaten and broken. I knew if I didn’t do something different and stop using drugs, then I was going to blow my brains out.

I checked myself into rehab and during my second month there I found out I was pregnant. The rehab told me I was a liability and they could not keep me. They told me if I didn’t find a place for pregnant women then they would have to put me back out on the street.

By God’s grace there was a bed available at a treatment center for pregnant women. Due to this bed being open and the treatment I received there, my son who is now 3, has never had to see his mommy drink or do drugs.

I am forever grateful that there was a place for pregnant women to go and receive treatment. I now work for Addiction Recovery Care and have full custody of both of my children.

Megan McGlothen and her two children.
It is through God’s grace and mercy that my life is now as amazing as it is. I had the privilege to return back to the treatment center I went through recently and meet with the clients and listen to their stories. I had the honor of getting to know the women they are now and holding the precious babies that they gave birth to sober.

While I was there, I held one of the babies that was spared because someone gave treatment to a pregnant woman that others may have declined to treat. This is an amazing opportunity we have before us to carry our God’s will and be a servant for him. In Kentucky, there are approximately one hundred pregnant women on a waiting list ready for treatment. Out of those one hundred, half are IV drug users.

I thank the Lord everyday for his divine intervention and the love that was shown to me in my darkest moments. There is a window of desparation that meets a window of opportunity in an addict’s life and that is the moment we decide to change.

Megan is the office manager at Belle Grove Springs, an Addiction Recovery Care drug and alcohol rehab in Wallingford, Kentucky. She is in recovery and is the proud mother of two children.