Our History

With over half of our employees in recovery from substance use disorder, Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) is leading the way in all of Appalachia when it comes to combining drug treatment and vocational training that results in second chance employment. Many of our employees in recovery are graduates of an ARC treatment program. ARC believes that the solution to the nation’s workforce issues is lying dormant in the lives of those who are struggling with addiction or alcoholism.

Our Background

  • Tim Robinson Jr., attorney and recovering alcoholic, founded Karen’s Place in 2010. In December 2006, Tim was working as an assistant county attorney for Lawrence County, Kentucky. Deep in the throes of his alcoholism, Tim had a spiritual awakening while at his desk in the County Attorney’s office. His life’s purpose was transformed. He got clean and sober and has maintained sobriety since that date. In the ensuing years, Tim felt called to serve those struggling like he did.

  • Tim surrendered his interest in his law partnership and formed the company to open its first residential recovery center, Karen’s Place, in December 2010. Karen’s Place was transitioned from a volunteer-based ministry to a state licensed drug and alcohol treatment health care facility in March of 2012.

  • ARC became one of the first treatment centers in Kentucky to accept private health insurance for residential treatment through the federal Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Parity Act, which began requiring private insurance plans to cover residential addiction treatment.

  • ARC has been a pioneer in the state and region as the first licensed provider (Behavioral Health Services Organization – BHSO) of residential treatment services to Kentucky Medicaid members. In January 2015, ARC became the first BHSO provider to admit a Medicaid patient to residential treatment in the state. Since then, ARC has admitted over 9,000 Medicaid patients for residential treatment.

  • ARC has continued to expand and today operates over 30 addiction treatment programs in the state. The organization has not only been Kentucky’s leading provider of residential treatment services, but it has also built model outpatient centers that provide aftercare for residential treatment and a behavioral health integrated Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) program utilizing buprenorphine and Vivitrol.

  • Today ARC is the leading provider for addiction treatment in Kentucky. As a contracted provider for all the state’s Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and its largest private insurance company, Anthem, ARC continues to expand its much-needed services throughout the state..


ARC has built a broad network of services and is committed to a full continuum of care that takes clients from crisis to career. ARC uses ASAM guidelines throughout the treatment process to ensure that a client is given the appropriate level of care. All levels of care are driven by ASAM assessment and scoring criteria.

  • Residential Programing 
  • Transitional Learning Centers
  • Outpatient treatment centers 


A major component of ARC’s “Crisis to Career” model is vocational training. In its inaugural vocational training program, the Peer Support Specialist Academy (PSSA), ARC experienced an 85% success rate, with graduates still sober and employed over two years out. ARC has expanded its vocational training program to include a variety of tracks.