Who We Are, Mission, and Values

Who We Are

Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) operates a network of over 30 best-in-class addiction treatment centers throughout Kentucky. But it is so much more. About half of its 1,000 employees are in recovery themselves, with a third of them completing ARC’s treatment program.

From its CEO, executive leadership, nurses, staff, and peer support specialist, all have been touched in some way by the power of treatment and recovery.

The treatment centers are holistic with CARF-accredited clinical programs, utilizing evidenced-based practices, medical services, a spiritual emphasis that includes the 12 steps and chaplaincy, and a broadening scope of vocational training opportunities for clients.

CARF Accreditation
ASAM 3.1 Level of Care Certification


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Our Mission:

We create opportunities for people to discover hope and live their God-given destiny.

Our Values

Compassion: We provide compassionate spiritual care because we understand that God is a source of forgiveness, redemption, and hope.

Accountability: We achieve our goals by setting clear expectations, measuring outcomes, and holding each other responsible for results.

Respect for the Dignity of Life: We know that everyone is created in God’s image with inherent value, destiny, and purpose. 

Entrepreneurial Innovation: We foster an entrepreneurial culture that drives creative, comprehensive, and pioneering solutions. 

Stewardship: We take care of our clients, assets, resources, employees, and stakeholders with excellence through servant leadership.

We accept Kentucky Medicaid plans including Anthem